The Antibiotic Adventure (2x52 minutes )
The Great Savannah Race (3x52 minutes )
And Man Invented Animals (1x90 minutes )
Miracle Island (4x52 minutes )
The Hidden Jungle (1x52 minutes )
John & The Monkeys (1x52 minutes )
Operation Aqua Valencia (1x52 minutes )
Genesis II (7x52 minutes )
Power Plants (6x52 minutes )
Regeneration (1x52 minutes )
The White Frontier (6x52 minutes )
Dr. Animal (1x52 minutes )
A Civilization Vanishes (1x52 minutes )
The Chemistry of Love (3x52 minutes )
The Nature of Champions (6x52 minutes )
Mission: Earth (13x26 minutes )
The Forest of Ashes (1x52 minutes )