Married to the job

This collection of comedy shorts (1’45’’ each) depicts men and women in their private lives: family or friends gathered for dinner, a couple arguing over the shopping list, a father talking to his son, etc. Each time, however, the main characters appear to have let their job reflexes take over. They act as if they were at work, turning the most commonplace situations into comical incidents : when a boy asks simply if he can spend the night at a friend’s house, his politician father spins a web of evasion; a jealous therapist attributes phallic connotations to her husband’s spaghetti dinner, and deduces that he’s cheating on her; a tyrannical choreographer demands that his wife and daughter clear the dinner table in a very specific way after every meal; a bouncer in a nightclub refuses to let his friend into his house because he’s wearing sports shoes - and so on.

Each hilarious episode displays typical reactions related to various professions, including that of archaeologist, instruction manual writer, lawyer, banker, company manager, drug dealer, summer camp coordinator, sports trainer, graphologist, court clerk, museum guide, historian, journalist for a fashion magazine, forensic scientist, wine expert, pharmacist, politician, teacher, advertising agent, film director, secretary, union rep, news journalist, street peddler, choreographer, salesman, air hostess, member of the jury on “Pop Idol”, government official, decorator and zoologist.

With uproarious precision and insight, the actors play out jaw-breakingly funny dialogs written by Benjamin Guedj (writer for feature films, France’s 2009 César ceremonies and for some of the most talented French comedians).


Best Short Program at the 2009 La Rochelle TV Festival

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Top marks for Marathon Group at the 2009 La Rochel...
Year: 2009

Casting Alex Lutz, Jean-Michel Lahmi, Virginie Hocq, Géraldine Nakache, Noémie de Lattre, Lou Bonetti, Nader Boussandel, Stéphanie Lagarde, Laurent Spielvogel
Production Marathon Images / Thalie Images