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One of the Gang
1x90 minutes

Kader is in a hurry to grow up. To a streetwise twelve-year-old kid like him. that means joining a gang - but his first "job" goes terribly wrong. a gun goes off and a man is killed.

Kader learns about loyalty the hard way. The gang leader pressures him into taking the rap because he's too young to go to jail. Kader believes him and signs a confession.

Vincent is a community worker. His job is to help kids who are in trouble with the law. But Kader doesn't want to be helped. He's determined to tough it out.

It's down to Vincent to seek out the truth. and then to persuade Kader and his pals that there is more than one kind of bravery and more than one way of growing up.

Year: 1996

Production Télé Images / TF1 Directed by Philippe Triboit Starring Cris Campion Mohamed Hicham Michèle Moretti Screenplay by Serge Rosenzweig and Philippe Triboit