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A Man's World
1x90 minutes

Picha is an easy-going guy in his early forties. His life consists of odd-jobs, his girlfriend and his lifelong friends, Mark, Fred and Nicholas. He hasn’t spoken to his father in twenty years. When the old man dies, Picha naturally inherits his magnificent farmhouse in the Provence region, in southern France. He also acquires the 100,000 dollars worth of debts included in the heirloom! Once he gets over the initial shock, he realizes - albeit very reluctantly – that he has no other choice but to sell the house, in order to pay back the creditors.

But little does he know how determined his childhood friends are! Without breathing a word of it to Picha, Mark, Fred and Nicholas do everything in their power to keep this magical place in Picha’s possession. For they too have many memories here – their first mischievous deeds, their first kisses, not to mention the innumerable fits of laughter and intense moments of friendship.

They’re going to have to muster the money and deter potential buyers, while deftly handling everybody’s spouses, kids, mistresses, mix-ups, stress and sensitivities. Life can be hard, even on the sunny French Riviera!

A fabulous story about the friendship between four unconditional buddies and the hardships involved in embracing adulthood for the young men of today.

Year: 2010

Written by Vincent David, Gilles Fareau, with the participation of Karine Angeli
Directed by Vincent Monnet
Casting Julien Boisselier, Philippe Lefebvre, Guy Lecluyse, Jean-Luc Couchard, Jean-Michel Lahmi, Lionnel Astier, Noémie de Lattre, Jeanne Savary, Reem Kherici...
Production Marathon Images / Thalie Images