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Honeymoon for Five
1x90 minutes

Thanks to Penelope. cashier in the local supermarket and not exactly Claudia Schiffer. Maxime and Paolo enter a contest and win first prize: a cruise to Tahiti. Penelope. in love with Maxime. tags along as they head to Marseille. where the boys plan to dump the cumbersome girl. But nothing goes quite as planned. Our three hitch-hikers are picked up by an elderly couple. madly in love and on the run: Gaspard's escaping from a depressing old people's home and Hermine from her disapproving son. The irrepressible lovers live it up with flair and humor: unpaid bills. "borrowed" cars and stolen luxuries... In the process. the kids learn a thing or two about life and love.

Year: 1995

Directed by Patrick Volson
Casting Guillaume Canet, Micheline Presle, Claude Pieplu
Production Télé Images - France 2 - France 3