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Mystery At The Moulin Rouge
1x90 minutes

The Moulin Rouge like you’ve never seen it, in a perfect blend of colourful music-hall and fast-paced mystery.

Paris, 1892. The mythical Moulin Rouge music hall is the setting for a breathtaking thriller about a young provincial girl, Diane, who comes to Paris in search of her missing sister. While the Parisian smart set indulges in debauchery at the cabaret, the prudish Diane demonstrates a fierce determination to become a quadrille dancer. Entering the hitherto unimagined world of the upper class, Diane uncovers a series of murders in which she might be the next victim.
The film benefits from the valuable artistic participation of the Moulin Rouge, which lent its iconographic collection of sets and whose dancers perform all the choreography, conceived by the Moulin Rouge’s choreographer Janet Pharaoh and her assistant Erik Sorensen.

Year: 2011

Shooting Format: HD

Written by Elsa Marpeau & Mathieu Missoffle
Directed by Stéphane Kappes
Casting Emilie Dequenne (Diane Barraud) Gregory Fitoussi (Julien Anselme) Adrienne Pauly (Lila) Dominique Besnehard Marius Colucci (Armand Meyer) Yvan Gonzales (Maxime Galoisy) Jacques Weber (Harold Meyer) Guy Lecluyse (Victor Lebreton)
Production Marathon Images / Thalie Images
Partners : France Télévisions, CNC, Région Ile de France