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Trading Faces
1x90 minutes

Desperate over his unrequited love his Leo's wife. Tristan drinks a goblet of magical rum that permits him to swap
bodies with Leo. Leo. now trapped in Tristan's body. tries every trick in the book to get his wife back and. in doing so. sees her in another light and comes to understand her on a deeper level.

And when Tristan - in the guise of Leo - comforts his long-suffering girlfriend. Marie. he falls in love with the woman who was always in front of him.

A brilliant cast. romantic Paris locations combine with magical
realism in this tale about the contortions of love.

Year: 2002

Shooting Format: 39511

Directed by Philippe Triboit
Casting Stéphane Freiss. Cristiana Reali & Elie Semoun.
Production Télé Images Création / France 2