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My Son the Stranger
1x90 minutes

Should they bring a baby into the world knowing they risk giving it an incurable disease?

Enjoying their new life together. Paul and Barbara are expecting a baby. But Paul discovers a terrible family secret: His brother is experiencing the early symptoms of an incurable genetic disease. Paul. too. may be a carrier of this defective gene which might be passed on to their baby...

Faced with this terrible threat. Paul is reluctant to take the tests which will tell him if he is a carrier of Huntington?s disease. Does he really want to know what could very well be the cause of his own death??

Will the couple survive this ordeal which has put them in opposing camps over what to do? Will Barbara have the courage to bring a child in these conditions?

Step by step. the film follows the terrible dilemma of a couple faced with the choice of abortion or life ?no matter what?.

In a very medically-aware society. the film dares to ask those questions for which science often has no answers. In addition to the enthusiastic and sensitive interpretation by young
actors. the film's theme is further enhanced by Michel Portal's jazz compositions.

Suspense and romance combine to create a moving atmosphere in this bioethical drama.

Received record-breaking audiences on France 2!

Year: 2004

Shooting Format: 39511

Written by Anne Valton
Directed by Caroline Huppert
Casting Christophe Malavoy. Marushka Detmers. Renaud Cestre & Louis Velle.
Production Télé Images Creation / AT Production / FRANCE 2 / RTL TVI