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Out Of The Blue
1x110 minutes

Marion, a 50-odd-year-old woman, suddenly ups and leaves the man with whom she has been living for the past 20 years. Time, it would seem, has taken its toll on her love and desire.

The surprise is that she has found herself, midlife, in love with another woman.

At first, she simply toys with the idea, secretly fantasizing whilst persuaded that she could never act on her desires. But that's without taking into account her friend Claude's troubling personality, which will forever change her outlook on life.

The second surprise is that Claude, a sensual, carnal lover of women, rejects Marion's clumsy flirtations that she is convinced will inevitably lead nowhere.

"The Surprise" is thus the path that these two women will have to travel to find a common ground. It's their struggle for acceptance: to accept the uneasiness, the groundswell one might say, that each provokes in the other. To accept this love without feelings of guilt. And to accept, through their mutual discovery, to see themselves in a different light. "The Surprise" is the story of an initiation that, coming so late in life, is all the more difficult to cope with.

Year: 2007

Shooting Format: super 16

Written by Sophie Tasma
Directed by Alain Tasma
Casting Mireille Perrier, Rachida Brakni, Robin Renucci, Eric Elmonismo, Marilyne Canto
Production Télé Images Création / France 2 and TV5 Monde / CNC and the support of Région Ile de France