Being Beautiful
8x52 minutes

Their names are Sherryl, Naoko, Peggy, Ornella, Qiao Qiao, Ingrid and Natacha. They’re outgoing or shy, glowing with youth or endowed with the mystique that only experience can bring. Whatever their personal qualities, they have one thing in common: an intimate knowledge of the art of being beautiful.

Though they hail from very different parts of the world (Brazil, Japan, the USA, Hungary, Canada, China, Italy, Iceland and Germany) their understanding of the latest fashion trends are matched by their knowledge of body language and the arts of seduction.

Based around the concept of intersecting, personalized portraits of woman, this series comprises 8 episodes, each focusing on a different theme and devoted to women and beauty around the world: MAKING THE CUT: Plastic surgery , TO SHOW, OR NOT TO SHOW: Clothing, LOOK AT ME: Make-up, cosmetics and manicure, THE SKIN AS A CANVAS: Tans, tattoos and body piercing , REVEALING IT ALL: Lingerie and bikinis, NO PAIN, NO GAIN: Dieting, fitness and getting in shape, IT’S THE DETAILS THAT COUNT: Accessorizing , MAKING A PERSONALITY STATEMENT: Coiffure

Each woman presents her own, personal relationship with beauty; a relationship she owes to her physique, her personality, her positive approach to life or to her style.

We’ll follow as she reveals a new trend, the latest hot spot and the latest techniques and hottest designers, stylists, and beauticians. She’ll be our own, personal model, trying on clothes, hairstyles and selecting the latest perfumes.

Throughout the series, the women’s emotions, feelings, tastes, doubts, desires, passions, certitudes and intuitions will reveal the secrets and mysteries central to women and beauty.

Being Beautiful News:

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Available in VA,VF

Year: 2007

Written by Antoine Lassaigne
Directed by Antoine Lassaigne
Production Marathon / Pixcom / France 5 / Canal Vie