The Antibiotic Adventure
2x52 minutes

Antibiotics are undoubtedly the greatest discovery of all time in the field of health.

With the discovery of antibiotics, man has managed to neutralize microbes for the first time in history. This fundamental victory has led society to an unprecedented structural, social and cultural revolution. Thanks to this discovery, life expectancy in Western societies has increased by several decades practically overnight.

Infant mortality has virtually disappeared, as have such deadly diseases as plague and tuberculosis. Antibiotics represent more than just scientific progress: they are a revolution with far-reaching consequences that affect the lives of entire peoples and societies. But the discovery of antibiotics has given humankind the illusion that they can control disease and dominate the natural world.

Through the use of archive images, CGI and interviews with the world’s foremost experts, “The Antibiotic Adventure” tells the story of one of the most fascinating episodes in the eternal war between man and microbes. Passing from the society of man to that of microbes, the film describes the attacks, riposte, and counter attacks struck by enzymes and molecular pumps invented by each of the belligerents to foil the stratagems of his adversary.

This epic will be related in two 52-minute episodes.

Episode I: Birth of an Empire
Episode II: The Microbes Strike Back


Best Television Series at the 2009 Scinema Festival Of Science Film (Australia)

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Year: 2007

Shooting Format: HD

Written by Pierre Bressiant
Directed by Pierre Bressiant
Production Marathon / Wake Up Production