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My Foreign Children
1x90 minutes

Pat, a landscape architect working for a firm in Paris, celebrates her first big contract with her lover Marc, a florist and father to a little girl named Marion. That evening, Pat discovers a message from her lawyer on her answering machine: her children, who were kidnapped by her husband in Portugal five years ago, can finally come home. Pat must reorganize her life overnight-gently put Marc at a distance, make arrangements to work at home (at least in the beginning), redecorate her apartment, and so on. With her lawyer, Pat boards the plane for Lisbon where she will be reunited with her children. But nine-year-old Paulo and six-year-old Elena have no memory of their mother, and they don't even speak French.

Back in Paris, between the demands of her profession and rebuilding her life as a mother on a day-to-day basis, Pat goes through some hard times. Worse, her children refuse to speak to her. They will only speak to each other in Portuguese She has to learn everything all over again. And Paulo is determined not to help her over her difficulties. Why is Paulo so hostile to his mother? Will Pat ever manage to win back her children's love?

Year: 1998

Production Télé Images / France 2