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For the Sake of My Son
1x90 minutes

Carole LEFEVRE is proud of her family. Her husband. Stephane. is a thoughtful. successful man; Their six-year-old son. Bastien. is reckless whirl of energy. and their daughter. Sabine. is a healty. spirited teenager. Carole enjoys managing one of her brother Paul's shops and the Lefevre's new home is a happy one. But suddenly the dream is shattered : a doctor finds marks of violence on Bastien and Carole dicovers that her husband is reponsable.

When Stephane is jailed. Bastien pines away. Sabine is in shock too. Carole cannot condemn her husband. She decides to fight for the only truth she knows : love. The father of her children cannot be a monster : he is torn by uncontrolable. incomprehensible impulses. Who is he? Why was he brought up in care? Why does he claim his father is dead when Carole has news of the man? For her family's sake. the old spectres haunting Stephane must be laid to rest.

Year: 1997

Written by Nicole Jamet.
Directed by Michaëla Watteaux
Casting Veronique Jannot, Bruno Wolkowitch, Kevin Aïdoud, Marion Ducamp, Vincent Winterhalter, Jean Lescot.
Production Télé Images / TF1 Production Produced by Simone Halberstadt Harari and Luc Delasnerie