Untamed Amazonia
12x52 minutes or 24x26 minutes

After the resounding worldwide success of "Untamed Africa". we proudly present "Untamed Amazonia".

"Untamed Amazonia" reveals Earth's largest primeval domain like never before. It's a world of great beauty. mystery and danger. of intermingled parts in constant confrontation. There's the sunny tree-top world. the surging waterworld. and in between. impenetrable mangrove evoking the heart of darkness.

The series presents wildlife of extraordinary variety. with animals living their own lives but treated as characters. Each program is built around heroes: a young pink dolphin. a pair of'jaguars. an old injured cayman. a family of anteaters. a baby otter. As in fiction. their lives are portrayed in terms of birth. play. mating. rivalry and death. but also through the natural phenomena of flood. fire and migration.

All the while. vivid new faces keep popping up: manatees. ocelots. tapirs. sloths and anacondas; overhead. parrots and toucans flap by. monkeys swing between branches. and schools of piranhas dart menacingly.

The series is being shot along the Amazon. the Rio Negro and their tributaries. and in Jau National Park. Several episodes will take us to the Pantanal. the world's biggest marshlands. summer home to thousands of birds.

Over this vast spectacular area. crews in helicopters. seaplanes and gliders. using remote-control. underwater and endoscopic cameras and special effects. are equipped to capture the untamed Amazon like never before.

To see it is to live it!

Year: 1997

Casting Narrated by Rupert Everett.