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1x90 minutes

Struggling to deal with the death of his father. ready to risk everything in the quest to finance his project Louis. 17 year old. is a troubled and lonely boy.

He meets Patrice. a Congolese refugee who recently lost his wife and children in the civil war. Patrice soon discovers his lost son within Louis and help him with the construction of the micro light and turn Louis's dream into reality.

But suddenly. the two find their world is shattered as Patrice find out that his status of political refugee had been rejected. To help his friend. Louis decides to hide him from the authorities.

But will this prevent Louis from finishing achieving his goal. and just how long can Patrice stay undercover before he is sent back to Congo where death certainly awaits?

Year: 2003

Directed by Philippe Berenger
Production Télé Images Création / France 3