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1x90 minutes

Based on the novel written by the famous author of Carmen.
An intensely compelling saga of love and vengeance.

The year is 1815. Young Orso is returning home after 5 years on the battlefield during the Napoleonic war. On board a ship traveling between Marseille and Corsica, he falls under the spell of lovely Lydia.
Upon his arrival, Orso is met by his grieving sister Colomba. She desperately wants to avenge their father who has been murdered by their neighbors, the Barracinis. But young Orso has seen a different world in which “vendetta” does not play a role in seeking justice.
In defiance of Colomba's persistent demand, will Orso allow the vendetta cast a bloody shadow on his family?
Will the young lieutenant end up killing the Barracini sons? The strong determination of this modern Antigone, explores the depth of the most primordial emotions.
A tale about those who want to live – and die – according to their stringent moral code, and those who would follow their hearts. This magnificent production is served by most talented actors such as Olivia Bonamy – " Spanish Inn"-, Claire Borotra – " The Blue of the Ocean", a TF1 hit movie- and Jean-Luc Bideau – " Last Tango in Paris", " State of Siege"... -

Filmed on the spectacular island of Corsica, in quaint ancient villages, with authentic costumes, this literary classic will captivate the whole family.

Year: 2006

Shooting Format: 39511

Written by Olivier Gorce and Laurent Jaoui
Directed by Laurent Jaoui
Casting Olivia Bonamy. Gregory Fitoussi. Claire Borotra & Jean-Luc Bideau
Production & Associes / France 3 / Arte France / CNC