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1x90 minutes

For years now, the two Robin sisters have been living alone in their family home. Aminthe (70 years old) is the youngest and remains devoted to her fiancé Fabien. He died at the peak of youth and she's never dreamed of replacing him. Her older sister Marie (75 years old), lives with the memories of a distant age when then house was filled with laughter and full of life: a very brief time, as their parents died when the two were still children.

Each does her bit to earn a little extra money. Aminthe gives piano lessons, while Marie baby-sits and sells their homegrown produce at the local market. But they aren't getting any younger; the house is now in a very sorry state and they can no longer maintain it alone. To make matters worse, their squabbling is only increasing as time goes by and they're finding it harder to get along together. With her garden and the markets, Marie at least keeps herself busy. And she cherishes Pierrot, the young boy she often looks after for a neighbor. She's perfectly happy to end her days in the family home. But Aminthe is fed up with the increasingly oppressive atmosphere of the uncomfortable old house, its dark secrets and the mysteries that surround their parents' deaths - mysteries and secrets that her sister seems only to happy to feed. She's jealous of Marie's contentedness and of her relationship with Pierrot, and can't wait to sell the family home and move into a modern apartment in the center of town.

Year: 2006

Written by Jacques Renard, Jacques Reboud
Directed by Jacques Renard
Casting Line Renaud, Danièle Lebrun, Arthur Vaughan-whitehead, Alexandre Carrière
Production & Associés / France 3 Lille / Nicole Flipo